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2011 Mercedes Benz E250 (W207)

Today we had a call from one of our regular mechanic workshops

They had a 2011 Mercedes Benz E250 with a failure to start. After they completed a diagnostic scan of the vehicle they gave us call as the vehicle had fault description of “The electronic ignition lock has a malfunction”

After a quick discussion we booked the job in for the following day

Unfortunately this E250 electronic steering lock (ESL) had failed in the locked position. This meant the whole steering column required removal from the vehicle

This fault is very common on similar vintage Mercedes Benz. The ESL fails causing a no start fault. Unlike traditional mechanical keys where the steering lock is directly driver by turning the key. The Mercedes Benz steering lock is driven by an electric motor. After many years of work and cycling the motor wears out.

We stock replacement parts and offer a couple of solutions for this fault. Including replacement and coding of a new or refurbished electronic steering lock or the installation of a emulator.

Secret Harbour, WA 6173

If you are having trouble with your Mercedes electronic steering lock (ESL) or require a spare key contact Car Key King today on 0448 30 30 30


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